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Physics (Unit 9 ~ 11)

Unit 9 Forces and motion

9-1 Seeing forces

What is a Force?
What is Force? | Force and Pressure | Physics | Don't Memorise
What is Force? – Part 1| Forces and Motion | Physics | Don't Memorise
  • force
  • push
  • pull
  • force arrow
  • interact

9-2 Forces big and small

measuring forces
How to use a Spring Scale to measure Force
  • forcemeter / newtonmeter
  • unit of force – newton

9-3 Weight – the pull of gravity

What is Force? – Part 2 | Physics | Don't Memorise
Gravity | The Dr. Binocs Show | Learn Videos For Kids
Defining Gravity: Crash Course Kids #4.1
What If We Lost Gravity for 5 Seconds?
Mass and weight
The Difference Between Mass & Weight
Are Mass and Weight the same thing? | Physics | Don't Memorise
Less Than Five – What’s the Difference Between Mass and Weight?
  • weight
  • gravity
  • contact force
  • mass

9-4 Friction – an important force

What is Friction? Types of Friction | Advantages of Friction | Friction Video for Kids
What is Friction? | Physics | Don't Memorise
Real Life Examples of Friction
  • friction
  • factor

9-5 Air resistance

How to Demonstrate Air Resistance | Science Projects
Astronaut Experiment: Crash Course Kids #32.2
  • air resistance
  • balanced
  • streamlined

9-6 Patterns of falling

Danger! Falling Objects: Crash Course Kids #32.1
Galileo's Famous Gravity Experiment | Brian Cox | BBC Two

Unit 10 Energy

10-1 Using energy

Energy | The Dr. Binocs Show | Educational Videos For Kids
  • energy
  • fuel

10-2 Chemical stores of energy

Chemical energy
  • Chemical stores of energy

10-3 More energy stores

Energy Stores – GCSE Physics
elastic potential energy
Elastic Potential Energy
Gravitational potential energy
  • elastic energy
  • gravitational potential energy

10-4 Thermal energy

Heat – sharing energy
Science for Kids: Heat Energy Video
  • thermal energy

10-5 Kinetic energy

The Difference Between Kinetic and Potential Energy
"Our World: Potential and Kinetic Energy" by Adventure Academy
Kenetic energy experiment
Great science teacher risks his life explaining potential and kinetic energy
Turning Potential into Kinetic Energy
6.4 Friction produces Heat
  • kinetic energy

10-6 Energy on the move

Energy Changes
  • electrical energy
  • heat energy
  • light energy
  • sound

10-7 Energy changing form

How do energy convert? – Studi Physics
Energy and Different Forms of Energy with Examples

10-8 Energy is conserved

What is a Joule? An Explanation
How Much Energy Is 1 Joule (Easy Analogy)
the principle of Conservation of Energy
The Law of Conservation of Energy
  • joules
  • principle of Conservation of Energy

Unit 11 The Earth and beyond

11-1 Day and night

11-2 The starry skied

11-3 The moving planets

11-4 Seeing stars and planets

11-5 The Moon and its phases

11-6 A revolution in astronomy

11-7 400 years of astronomy

11-8 Journey into space